Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Birthday Weekend Update

Didn't knit much over the weekend as it was Valorie's first birthday. Was very busy helping Mammaw change apartments and then getting ready for the party. I baked a 2 layer 5 inch cake for Valorie to eat all on her own and a 9 inch one for everyone else. We also cooked pintos, coleslaw, okra, and cornbread. All things she could and did eat. Party was fun with the exception of a bloody lip on Val's part. She was trying to pull herself up on a coffee table and instead slipped and did a face plant down the leg of the table. :( She got a bloody lip and I think a bloody nose, but she wouldn't let me see it close enough to be sure. She was happy enough to suck on an ice cube to keep the swelling down. Poor thing - first blood on her first birthday. Life is like that sometimes. Just never know when a lesson is gonna show up, eh?

Since Sunday, I'll have had time to do is knit a few rounds on Dad's second sock. It's about 2/3rds done now. Hopefully I'll get it completed before it's too hot to wear!


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