Monday, September 11, 2006

Farm Fest 2006

Well, we had a bit of a scare on Friday night from Valorie. She came home from pre-school sleepy. This from a child who won't go to bed until we MAKE her. Her school report cards always come home marked "Busy as a Bee." I put her down for a nap before dinner and checked her 2 hours later and oh boy, was she hot. Thermometer read 103 degrees! Not good! Called the on-call nurse to see if it was high enough to take her to the hospital or not. Nope - one does of liquid tylenol and it came back down to 98.9. She slept thru the night and work up cheerful, if a lil less energetic than usual. Hubby and I decided not to cancel my plan of going to [ newwindow]Farm Fest[/link]. I'm so glad she got to go - lots more fun seeing things thru her eyes. So with friends and baby in tow, we set out for Liberty, NC.

We saw alpacas, sheep, rabbits, and more yarn than ANYbody could stash away into their house. They were doing demos on spinning, weaving, knitting, felting, basketweaving, and pottery. It was really great. Saw lots of handmade knitting needles, PVC pipe knity-knoddies, and spinning wheels. I managed not to buy any roving or drop spindles, but it was very difficult. I did buy some nice alpaca/wool lace weight and alpaca/silk lace weight. I intend to make a shawl from one and maybe another from the other. Might dye one, too, as both are nice natural off-white. There was also nice celtic music and grassfed beef and lamb for lunch. Add a nice homemade root beer and icecream to the menu, and we stuffed ourselves silly. Valorie did great, although she tended to get a bit overheated, I kept her shaded in the stroller and sipping drinks as much as possible. She really perked up for the sheepdog herding demo ("doggy!") and petting the german long haired rabbits. Amazingly, I made it out of there without purchasing one! All in all, it was a great day. Wish I could have bought all the handpainted yarns, etc, but I was a good girl and stayed mostly in budget....


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