Tuesday, November 07, 2006

As the sock saga continues...

After many many designs, redesigns, starts, and restarts, I have finally managed to reach the heal on the Christmas sock. I am going with the Aran braid socks for Teri, which is designed for a medium woman, but since the man I am knitting this for has very skinny calves, I think I will be fine, just making the toes longer.

I despair ever getting any other knitting done as hubby has started taking classes on the weekend and that leaves me as single mom every weekend until Christmas. Help me!! On the baby front, Val has just started sleeping on her crib-converted-to toddler bed. She isn't too happy about it, but on night 2 last night, she was asleep after 20 minutes of crying and slept until 3ish before joining us, so I think a couple of more days will see her doing ok in it. I hope so, as I'm not sleeping well once she does join us in the bed - the old back starts acting up since I can wriggle as much to get comfy and settled with her scootched up against me. Last weekend end, she helped me rake leaves. She does not like being thrown into a pile of leaves, but does like holding a stick and imitating my raking motions. Cute as a button, but she did keep trying to "rake" where I was raking.


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